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[Sticky] How to Post

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Hey Everyone. To see all forums please click the arrow next to Main Category and then select which forum you wish to post in. To make a post click the Add Topic button on the upper right of the screen. Enter a topic title and any words you would like. In order to post photos, videos, and mp4s you have to click my media at the bottom left of this box. From there you click Add Files and select the file you wish to upload. Once uploaded click Insert Into Post. You can add multiple photos to one post. To share links to youtube and that sort of thing simply paste the URL and hit post. This photo I included shows all of the sites that can be embedded using URLs.

Screenshot 2023 06 15 at 6.09.14 PM

 Click the photo to enlarge.

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@lmcbkmom look at all those smiths - love it so much.


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