Always and Forever

If you had the pleasure of knowing Marques, you know what an amazing man he was. His smile, his laugh, lit up our lives! The world is now a little darker since he’s left us. This page is for anyone who loves Marques, to share memories, laughs, a good cry, photos or videos, and even a favorite song of his. This is a safe space for us all to come and talk about someone who truly made a huge impact in our lives. Marques Jordan, we love you to the moon n back.

Marques was a son, a brother, a friend, a life partner, a teammate, a teacher, and a man who truly loved his people. He felt and loved harder than anyone I have ever known. To know him, and grow up with him was truly an honor. To have him watch my babies from birth to childhood, and now as their guardian angel. I’m blessed yet heartbroken.

17 1/2 years with you was just not enough. The world is so much quieter and not nearly as bright. I saw a video once that said, “I hope death is like when you fall asleep in the car as a kid and get carried inside, brought into the next room where you can hear your family, the laughter.”. I like to think Marques is just in the next room, listening to us, loving us, and now guiding us.

– Giavanna Biondi

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